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Hercules Gym is excited to announce the launch of our online store!!! Bear with us while we populate our inventory. New features coming soon! But our most in stock items are available for online purchase and can be shipped or picked up from the gym.


We will still do our in house Pre-Orders! Stop in to the gym to look through the catalog of available items and place an order. You can also download the entire catalog and order form HERE. Soon we will give you the option of pre-ordering your custom items through the store.

If you would like to fill out the form online, save to your computer, and email your order in, open the form HERE and email it with the contact button in the menu. The orders will be filled every month or so.

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Personal Training
Personal trainers are available for all of your personal goals. Whether you are looking to get stronger, learn healthy training habits, lose weight, whatever you need, we have someone who can help you attain all of your goals.

Training Disciplines
Hercules Gym always has and always will specialize in strength training. We have a long history of some of the greatest in powerlifting and bodybuilding walking through our doors. We also have tools for strongman training. But you will find that Hercules is one of the most judgment free environments you will ever encounter. Everyone is here for their own goals, they don't have the time or focus to be judging others. While at the same time, those that are looking to better their training will always find plenty of help and advice if they want it. No one here will need to worry about what others are saying about the weight they lift and we have cardio equipment for those that are just looking to get a little more fit as well.

There is a well established group of powerlifters here. The power group has broken down into several smaller groups including a growing women's only group. Everyone in the power crew is a competitive powerlifter participating in several different federations with a broad spectrum of experience and accomplishments. Anyone interested in powerlifting, brand new or very experienced, will benefit from training with other powerlifters interested in their same goals: getting stronger and lifting more. We are proud to be home to several elite level lifters. Men and women holding records in different federations as well as all time world records. When our lifters do a meet, there are always others there to help and we compete all over the North East. Anyone interested in joining the group is welcome, but this group does not foster anything but competition level form in the main lifts.


We have a keyless entry system controlled by a code pin pad. When you pay for a membership, you receive a code. Walk ins just need to ring the doorbell.


Monday - Friday: 8 am - 8 pm

Saturday: 8 am- 3 pm


Regular Membership Business Hours

Monday - Sunday: 4am - 10 pm

** as long as you get in before 10 you can stay as long as you want


1. The gym will remain under 24 hour recorded surveillance that can be accessed from anywhere

2. Everyone enters their pin code combination to log in

3. Do not let anyone enter with you, one person enters at a time, everyone enters their pin code combination to log in

4. When the gym is not staffed a person without a code must ring the doorbell to enter. If you are not paid to be here, you are not allowed to answer the door when the bell is rung.

5. Absolutely no illegal activities within the gym it does not matter who you are or who you know, zero tolerance! You will be banned from the gym without reimbursement of membership

6. Put your weights away where you got them from

7. Put the equipment away where you got it from

8. If you make a huge mess, clean it up

9. Do NOT drop the bars or dumbbells. If you cannot put them down under control, don't pick them up

10. Do not use attachments or use anything else with our equipment that causes damage to the equipment

11. Do not wear jeans or belts on the machine padding. The metal pieces cause rips and other damage to the covering and padding

12. Guests must pay a day pass

13. Members who bring guests are responsible for their guest's connduct and payment. This means make sure your guest pays!!

14. Do NOT go behind the desk

15. Do NOT go into the offices. Only the staff starts and changes the music