Hercules would like to introduce our sponsored athlete, Jason Weaver. Jason was born in Syracuse, NY on April 27th, 1976 to Bill and Dolly Weaver. He is currently 40 years old and lives with his fiancee and their two awesome sons in Liverpool, NY.

Jason is one of Hercules’ powerlifters. He competes in the Open and Masters 275 and 308 weight classes. Currently Jason is 4th all-time in Masters 275 and ranks currently in the country in both weight classes. He is looking to break into the top 10 all-time in the Open 275 soon.


Jason says that typically he only competes a few times a year. However, his health has been good and the gains have been plenty so he and his coach, Pete Knutsen, decided to put the pedal to the metal in both training and competing in the 2016 year. That being said, from August 2015 to December 2016 he has competed a total of 6 full power meets, 2 bench only and one push pull. Jason’s best total was 1925 at the Hercules Gym meet in July 2015. Then at the XPC Semi Finals in Newark, NJ on November 2015, he secured a spot for the XPC Pro Day at the Arnold with a meet he made 4 out of 9 attempts in and still totaled 1890.

Currently, Jason’s next goals are a squat over 800, bench over 500, deadlift over 700 and a total over 2000. He actually wants these numbers in his next full power meet. Long term Jason wants to squat 900 and deadlift 800. He thinks some will say these are lofty goals but to that, he says, “Watch me!!!” He would also like to bench twice his body weight and break into the top 5 all-time historical rankings for the open 275 weight class. He believes if he can come anywhere near the first 3 goals, the last one should be a walk in the park. I know that things happen in Hercules Gym!! Jason has all the support he could ask for and we certainly believe he can achieve every one of these goals!!

Early on in school, Football was Jason’s first love! He played tailback and middle linebacker. Jason tried baseball and lacrosse early on, but soon came to realize football was “it”! He dedicated his last 3 years of high school to just that. Grades 10-12, Jason used indoor and outdoor track to prepare him for football both in the weight room and on the track sprinting. Through this regimen, he was able to squat over 500 and bench over 300 and deadlift over 500 in high school! Through very intense sprint and interval training, Jason was able to break into a 4.5 second 40 yard dash at a bodyweight of 185-190. Jason played one year at Cortland State University but that didn’t’ work out so he moved on after one semester.

Jason also played semi-pro football for the Syracuse Storm in 1996 and the Syracuse Vipers in 2000 and 2001! He continued to lift through out all of these years and definitely saw huge benefits to that out on the field.

Jason currently works at Verizon as a Network Technician. He also does some construction on the side. Anything from kitchens to decks, you name it, he will build it!!

Jason’s fiancé, Danielle Buda, and he have 2 very cute little boys, Kyle and Luke. Kyle is 4 and Luke is 1. Mommy and Daddy are old but have the perfect little family! Jason’s mother passed away almost 4 year ago now. But his father and 2 brothers are all alive and well.

Does Jason do anything else? Well, he says that basically, his life is filled with the things he finds most important. First over everything always is family. The gym is second. Outside of that he basically works. Jason used to gold and have all kinds of other silly pass times. But the addiction to the iron has taken the place of all of those! Jason has been endlessly helpful even just inside the gym with everything from building rooms to countertops to welding to just bolting things together. Hercules is so grateful!!

When Jason was asked what made him start powerlifting, he said he started lifting in high school for football. His coach stressed the importance of weights which he is eternally thankful for. This stayed with him throughout high school, college and semi-pro football days into him mid 20’s. Jason competed in powerlifting twice in high school. Between the ages of 25-35, he went away from all that worked. At 29 Jason started working the desk job he is at now at Verizon. Jason confesses that 7 years of this was not kind to his physique and he had quite the belly going. This is when he decided to get back into weight lifting and into a respectable shape (not just round!). It was shortly after this that he ran into an his friend and old football teammate, Joes Graham. Jose convinced him to compete in his first powerlifting meet as an adult. The meet was at the Fayetteville YMCA in March of 2012. Jason bombed out of this meet in the bench. Though he wasn’t able to get a total there, it was still that day that he fell in love with competitive powerlifting.

This leads us into the next question asked of Jason, your least favorite training and why do you do it? Jason says he has always hated the bench. He was never good at it but it is one the main 3 making it a necessity in the sport. So for the last year or a little over, the bench was made the priority. With consistent 3 days a week training of bench and also bench variations, Jason along with coach, Pete, were able to iron out most of the technique issues and he has actually become a pretty good bencher! So now a days, Jason hates the bench a little less.

When asked what his favorite training was Jason said and emphatic SQUAT! Jason says squat is probably his favorite because it is the lift he is the best at. He has always been a decent squatter and now working with Pete, he has been able to iron out technique issues there as well to get him to where he will soon be close to the top of the all time squat list. That means, all time as in the history of powerlifting in all of the world! A big squat helps out a lot with the total!

We asked Jason if he had any other comments, thoughts or things to mention. Jason simply said, he is having a lot of fun competing. A big part of that is training at the best gym on the planet, Hercules. The only thing he would change is that he would’ve joined 3 year ago when Marcus Morris first suggested it! Marcus would comment one word responses to Jason’s lifting videos on Facebook. That word was always, “Hercules”.

You can follow Jason on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jason.weaver.127
Jason is on Instagram at: @jason_weaver_
You can find him on youtube as well!! Search: “Jason Weaver Powerlifting” for a ton of awesome videos!

Hercules Gym is more than proud of Jason!! I remember when he came to start lifting with us and a 405 bench was hit or miss in training. It was what he chased in meets and missed time and time again. But then he joined up with us and his progress literally brings a tear to my eye!!! 405??? That is child’s play for him now. Jason just recently benched a pretty smooth 490 in a meet. All of Jason’s lifts have exploded. A more perfect union couldn’t have been formed! We need him as much as he needs us! Jason is not only a phenomenal lifter backed by progress and full of potential, but is an awesome teammate as well!! He is there for each and every one of us, his support is bottomless. If I were you I would keep an eye on this guy. We are learning from him every day. You will too!!