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Rheta West

Owner and All-time world record holder squatter in both equipment and raw. Started the powerlifting crew that has now grown so large it has broken into several smaller groups. Pioneer for women in powerlifting heading a growing women's only powerlifting group.

Pete Knutsen

Owner and Competitive powerlifter heading a group of lifters utilizing developing powerlifting methods. Also qualified to train sports specific methods

Joe Dardano

The original owner of Hercules. Joe first opened this gym in 1976. He was a bodybuilder, judged bodybuilding competitions, and continues to train a select group of clients. Joe is our respected backbone.

Tyler Mike

                                    -ACHIEVERS PERSONAL TRAINING-

   “Where all given the same amount of time in the day, how we use it is up to us”


NCCPT Personal Trainer

Licensed & Insured

IFBB Bodybuilder


Tyler Mike

Syracuse, NY



Phil Molinaro

B.S. / A.A.S. / C.P.T
Instruction in Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Nutrition
Home training also available

Robert V. Scarantino

Certified Personal Trainer with 20 years experience
Body Building
Nutritional Counseling
Strength & Conditioning
Be prepared, there is no mercy!